For 2018's edition of "36 Days of Type" ( I designed letters of the alphabet based on mythical creatures/legendary monsters from various cultures across the world. I also drew monsters for the numerals 0-9.  

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A for Abominable Snowman
B for Banshee
C for Centaur
D for Dragon
E for Erymanthian Boar
F for Frankenstein's Monster
G for Godzilla
H for Hydra
I for Imp
J for Jiangshi
K for Kraken
L for Loch Ness Monster
M for Minotaur
N for Naagin
O for Ogre
P for Phoenix
Q for Qiqirn
R for Rokurokubi
S for Sphinx
T for Troll
U for Unicorn
V for Vampire
W for Wolf
X for Xana
Y for Yali
Z for Zombie
0 for Headless Mule ( 0 heads)
1 for One-eyed Cyclops
2 for two-headed Amphisbaena
3 for three-headed Cerberus
Four for four-legged Griffin
5 for five-tailed Kitsune
6 for six-headed Scylla
7 for seven-headed Uchchaishravas
8 for eight-headed Yamata no Orochi
9 for Navagunjara - made of nine animals
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