Hachette: Nightspark Cover
When Impossible Happens - Book Cover (Penguin)
Horses (A Day In The Life)
Sharks (A Day In The Life)
Bugs (A Day In The Life)
Big Cats (A Day In The Life)
A Taste of Honey - Picture Book
Aesop's Fables Book Cover (Puffin Books)
Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things - Disney
Pop Up Space
"Thirst" Book Cover (Penguin Random House)
Hide-and-Seek History: The Greeks
Target Gift Card (Diwali)
The Culture Of Clothes (Picture Book)
The Best Diwali Ever - Picture Book
Lightning Strike: Book Cover for Oxford Children's
Hachette: Ghostcloud Cover
Shop Cats Puzzle (Genuine Fred)
Bracelets for Bina's Brothers - Picture Book
Hachette: Children's story anthology covers
Hide-and-Seek History: The Egyptians
Facebook Stickers x Buck Design
Google Calendar Illustration
Step Journal Cover Illustration
Editorial Illustration - Mongabay India
"How to be a writer" - Ruskin Bond postcard
Cover Art - Amazon Audible
Times of India - Masthead Illustrations
Nana - Children’s book Illustrations
Animal Farm by George Orwell Book Cover Design
Illustration for Affinity
1984 by George Orwell Book Cover
"A Nose For Fun" - Sticker Pack for Facebook
Hawaii Illustrations
Editorial Illustrations - AARP
"Auf Ein Bier Bleibe Ich Noch" Book Cover
The Girlfriend Letter - Editorial Illustration
Kathasaritasagara Book Cover
Facebook Stickers
Premchand - Book Cover Set
The King and The Drum - NatGeo Learning Illustrations
Cousteau - Picture Book Illustrations
Kartini Day (Snapchat Indonesia)
Love As We Know It - Book Cover
We Love Our Home - Picture Book
Google Doodle - Holi
Snapchat Republic Day Mass Snap
Siddhartha Book Cover Illustration
A-Z of Mythical Creatures and Monsters
Panchatantra Book Cover
The Wise Man
There's a Hole in my Galaxy
Hitopadesha Book Cover
Dalai Lama Book Cover
Bells of Shangri La - Book Cover
Snapchat Diwali Mass Snap
Snapchat Independence Day Mass Snap
Folktale Book Covers
Mahindra World City
Alphabet Kerfuffle
36 Days of Type - 2017
Current Conservation Magazine Illustrations
Kavithalayaa Logo & Animation
Current Conservation Magazine Lettering
Caffè - Hong Kong
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" - Accordion Book
Urban Sketches
Word of the Day
Fascinating Folktales of Punjab
R.K.Narayan's "The Painter of Signs"
Chalkboard Art
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